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The First Machine Tool Made in Carbon Fiber

About XMini

The Exechon XMini is the first Machine Tool Robot in the world made in carbon fiber, with unique capabilities such as High Dynamics (3G acceleration), High Material Removal Rate (MRR) & Accuracy. The XMini stands for a paradigm shift in automation, with the flexibility & dynamics of robots in combination with Stiffness & Accuracy of machine tools.

XMini Features:

  • Modular and Reconfigurable
  • One setup 6-side burr free machining
  • MRR 970 cc/min
  • Inline CMM
  • Unique up-time with auto calibration

The XMini is a robotic, next-generation, intelligent and lightweight portable machine system that uses Parallel Kinematics Machining (PKM) to support industrial automated manufacturing capabilities. As a standalone tool or as part of an existing production system, the XMini merges the flexibility and high dynamics of the articulated arm robot with the stiffness and accuracy of the rigid machine tool. The agile XMini offers full 5-axis capability, with extreme acceleration and high accuracy. Three linear actuators provide a strong, rigid and flexible framework. A flexible head enables compound-angle operations at any angle. The head can even point back toward itself, allowing operations on all sides of a complex part in a single setup. The XMini is also the first modular machine ever built, and it can literally be taken apart in 4 modules, each manageable by one or two people.

XMini module integrates with other external modules, evolving into various machines such as XMobile, XTurnSlide, XFlex, XBasic etc.

Capability of XMini

If you need a 5-axis machine tool with the capability of making 50 mm diameter holes in titanium, you would probably end up with a 20-ton machine, sitting on a 3-meter foundation, but if you also need to:

  • Move it around your factory to different work stations
  • Perform high speed machining
  • Have the flexibility of a robot
  • Be able to take it apart and put it back together in hours
  • Integrate it into production by yourself in days

Then you have just written the specification of the XMini, developed by Exechon Enterprises LLC.

Flexibility & High Dynamics

To achieve the flexibility, mobility and dynamics of the XMini, Exechon has:

  • Applied the latest technology of drive and measuring systems available.
  • Replaced all structural steel parts with the latest technology in carbon fiber.
  • Introduced mechanical interfaces with quick connectors.

The Exechon XMini is the first machine tool robot in the the world fabricated out of carbon fiber, with a unique capability of performing high speed machining as well as machining with high torque at low rpm.

The XMini is also the first modular machine ever built, and it can literally be taken apart in 4 modules, each manageable by one or more persons.